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Website PDF Viewer Embed saved my business

Website Embed PDF Viewer

When I first started my online business, I assumed a PDF link in my website was the best and only way to embed my quarterly catalogs and corporate updates and places like were a waste of time. I did this for about three years and always ran into the same issues. For one thing, the PDFs always took too long to load, and I missed a lot of hits from readers that left before it could finish. On top of that, my mobile visitors had to suffer even longer load times on my website pdf viewer embed, if it even decided to download at all. As social media became popular, I tried to expand only to find that PDFs were horrible files to share with my customer base. Needless to say, I was incredibly frustrated as I watched business get worse and worse. Finally, I gave in and registered with Yumpu Pubishing. The difference saved my company.

The best alternative to my current website PDF viewer embed

I knew there was a different way to post my PDF files without such a hassle, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was. After spending a week researching the different possibilities, I came across Yumpu Publishing. A study by Office 2014 showed that their format, ePaper, garners 2.5 times more page views than a regular website PDF viewer embeds, emphasizing my fear that you lose customers if you force them to download anything. Seeing this, I decided to give it a try.

My first experiences with ePaper

Aside from the obvious benefit of it being a free service, Yumpu Publishing was so easy to use that even a technological failure like myself was able to figure it out. The transition was surprisingly fast, and I was able to turn all of my past and current catalogs into online publications in no time. These pages and pages of information are now stored on a cloud, letting me access them anywhere at any time to make changes or post them when I need to.

Making my PDF files interactive

While the PDF format is known worldwide, it is far from optimized to be the best file choice for online catalogs. I could never embed order forms or multimedia, making it a real problem when trying to turn my website pdf viewer embed into something more technologically friendly. Heavily improving on this, Yumpu’s ePaper embed solution is actually interactive. I was finally able to include links, sounds and videos in my presentations for readers to access directly, definitely a feature that helped move my business into the modern era.

Compatible with every browser and device

To my relief, the ePaper design is already formatted to be readable on all devices, including the smaller tablets and phones. They can also be embedded anywhere, making the format ideal for my plans to expand into the social realm.

I gained 12 x more readers than with a regular website PDF viewer embed

Another issue I was having was search optimization. With my PDF files, there was no way to do that. ePapers from Yumpu Publishing are indexed and have 12 times more readers from Google searches because of this. You can add any keywords you want and give it a summary that will drive new business by keeping your product easily visible on the internet.

They are also designed to be shared through social media, making my Twitter and Facebook a lot more effective in spreading the word when I have a new release. What you load to their site is likewise accessible to their millions of readers, giving you yet another outlet to reach potential clients.

Easy page-flipping guarantees 100% reader satisfaction

Finally, the presentation itself is what officially got me to make the switch. Human’s are not fans of change, and the software has made it so that the online files mimic actually having a magazine in front of you. Readers can flip through double pages one at a time. They can also access a full-screen version, perfect for any and all tablet readers. There is even a crease in the center separating the adjoining pages. All that’s missing is the classic new paper smell.

What I recommend you to do

In the end, I have never been happier with a free service. gave me exactly what I was looking for: a way to embed files in my site that was much more versatile and familiar than the dated and limited PDFs. My catalogs are hosted in a cloud and can be accessed anywhere once they are ready to go, making my updates that much easier to make.

Every time I’ve had any kind of issue, I’ve had nothing but great support from their team. They have always been there to help and answer my questions. If easily embedding an interactive file in your site is what you need, is the best way to get exactly that and more.

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