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Upload PDF to Facebook

Social media is a versatile platform for sharing information, personal status, and informational documents. However, there is no such option on this page that allows users to directly upload a PDF file onto Facebook. When I tried uploading a PDF of my personal online business, I couldn’t find a single option. Unlike the photo and video uploading options on Facebook, you can’t upload a PDF file. I spent hours in exploring the settings and other options that will allow me to upload a PDF to Facebook. Even the timeline page doesn’t have any such feature that allows users to upload a doc file. While going through several external websites and Saas applications, I came across Yumpu Publishing.

The best solution I found to add PDF to Facebook

This fantastic website allows users to convert their PDF files to an ePaper format in seconds. Then, you can easily upload a PDF to Facebook with the help of this amazing tool. Online storing is also free through this fantastic service. As soon as you upload your PDF and convert it to an ePaper format, you can store it online or share it on social media pages.

Read and share your documents online

Yumpu Publishing also offers an easy and convenient way to convert files to an ePaper format in minutes. The uploading feature is also easy. You can convert the PDF, store it online, and optimize it for sharing on social media pages just by using this simple app. also allows your readers to go through, read, and like your documents online. Sharing option is also available on your Facebook page.

Fully readable documents on your profile when you add PDF to Facebook with

Any magazines you post to Facebook, are fully readable directly on the news streams of your Facebook followers. This way they won’t even have to leave the Facebook site to access your content. This motivates your readers to really flip through your magazines because they don’t have to wait for a download to finish or a slow PDF reader to load. So adding PDF to with Yumpu is by far the most rewarding and advanced way to share your PDF documents and Magazines with your readers.

Easy file management with Dropbox implementation

This website now offers options to use Dropbox too. The whole process of converting the PDF and uploading it online becomes easier with the new connection of Yumpu with Dropbox. The process is in fact automated now. Whether you are looking forward to creating an eBook or an online brochure, using Yumpu Publishing is one great option. Now with this feature, you need to just use the Dropbox feature and save your PDF files online. The further steps of converting the file to another format will be carried out automatically.

To connect Yumpu with Dropbox, you need to log on to both and Dropbox. Now just click on the connect button and select service to view your Dropbox folder on Yumpu Publishing page. Now select the Dropbox folder to save your PDF file. Then just click finish to convert your file to another format. Don’t forget to specify the target location on Yumpu for publishing the files. Once the conversion process is over, you can immediately add your PDF to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

The best solution for publishers, editors, and bloggers

Editors, advertising agencies, and publishers will be highly benefited from this feature in Yumpu. Even online marketers and bloggers will surely find this feature very convenient and easy. Once your eMagazine is published, you will get a confirmation email in your inbox and you can add the PDF to Facebook, Twitter, google+, etc. If you are targeting to promote your product or expand your business online and on social media platforms, then using this site will surely help you. After all, Yumpu Publishing has made it easy to upload PDF files directly onto social media pages without any hassle.

In addition, this free PDF to flash catalog site charges nothing to perform this task. You can create eMagazines, catalogs, flyers, and print publications just by clicking a button. This website is undoubtedly the largest online library with more than 20 million publications since 2006. This website features many publishing sites of various categories, including arts, culture, social media, and even fashion. You can just download this software and use it whenever you want. This app is supported by all types of operating systems, including mobile phones and desktops.

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