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Free PDF flipbook creation – How I did it

Free PDF Flipbook

Digital documents can be a great basis for a marketing plan. I was stuck on finding a reliable service that could make a free PDF flipbook and then I discovered Yumpu Publishing. I was incredibly impressed!

I definitely needed a tool in which I could turn my PDF documents into something more interesting looking and, more importantly, more accessible to a larger audience. I did not have a lot of money to work with and I still needed to be able to craft creative documents that truly marveled my audience. Even though I was disappointed with the other systems out there, I gave Yumpu a try and it was the best decision I made. This is really one of the most innovative programs you could ever hope to find. Do you want a really interesting insight into what you can produce on Yumpu? Here is a really novel idea.

Creating a Free PDF flipbook for my Podcast

Producing a podcast is something scores upon scores of people do across the internet. In a way, the arrival of podcasting is a lot like the early days of radio when people would purchase time air their own programs in the burgeoning new medium. Podcasts can be very informative and entertaining. They do not have to be hosted on a website or blog either. You can record a podcast and place it right in the center (or anywhere else) of the text of the free PDF flipbook you produced.

A podcast really allows you to come alive to your readers and listeners. You could even make the newsletter or document hosting the podcast to be secondary to the actual recorded component. Take advantage of the unique design features available through Distribute your podcast via email or social networks. The sheer scope of the audience you reach might be incredibly vast. And the free PDF flipbook you made via Yumpu makes all these achievement possible.

Another Helpful Benefit

Not all the benefits to using Yumpu Publishing are ones that are as incredibly innovative as the ability to embed audio podcasts. You also cut down on the loading time when you use this tool to host your digital files in the cloud. One of the most annoying things visitors have to deal with when they try to turn the pages on a flipbook is incredibly slow loading. The fact the next page does not immediately turn up really takes you out of the moment so to speak. The attention that was captured by the material and sights and sounds on the virtual page become lost because time stands still as the reader waits for the page to load. All of these problems are curtailed thanks to the fast loading times of this free PDF flipbook maker.

There are other varied features to the excellent tool

The system is compatible with all sorts of different mediums. PC, MAC, Smartphones, Or other mobile devices are all fine. The free PDF flipbook you make can be shared on a variety of social media platforms. This way the service allows you to add PDF to Facebook. Doing so creates the potential that the media you are promoting just might go viral. Going viral massive increases the number of people who might learn about what you are selling. The obvious benefit here is you are increasing the volume of customers you might attract.

You are not just limited to putting an audio file on your free PDF flipbook. You can embed a video file and doing so could further enhance the potential for your ePaper to go viral. Again, going viral is a really beneficial outcome. Do not worry about running into any minor troubles when you try to upload a PDF or edit the document. Oh yes, did I mention that you can customize documents with Yumpu? Customization is made very easy thanks to the tool. If you do run into some troubles, just contact support. They will be more than happy to help.

A Solid Recommendation

Are you interested in a really great free PDF flipbook creator? Yumpu Publishing provides the best free tool available and you can assuredly use it for a number of outstanding creative marketing endeavors. This PDF to flipbook software has made 20 million documents since 2006. It must be doing something right.

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