deskUNPDF Professional

There are only a handful of software choices available that a person can use to convert their PDF documents into Word documents or that can be used for editing. UNPDF Professional is software that was created by PDF software solution specialist Docudesk. The software makes it easy to convert PDF files into spreadsheets, websites, and other image formats. PDF files can be converted into formats that include:.OTD,.XLS,.CSV, Extensible Markup Language,.SVG,.BMP,.PNG,.TIF or.TIFF, as well as JPEG and HTML.

When I used the program, I was fairly impressed with the results. It took just a few minutes for me to install the program. In just a short time it was up and running and I was able to convert files. The process of importing PDFs was exceptionally easy to do.

All I had to do was drag a PDF from my desktop into the program. Once that happened a large preview appeared. Then it was simply a matter of selecting the desired output format, adjusting some of the advanced settings to make sure that the final result met my specifications, and then I hit the convert button on top. That was it.

In just a few seconds after hitting the convert document, the document opened up and was ready for viewing. The entire process was surprisingly convenient, and there were no hiccups. It was an effective way to convert my PDF files. I was surprised to see that there were no traces of distortion, which is obviously a good thing.

With the trial version, you can only convert one page documents.

So if you need to convert documents made up of multiple pages, you will have to buy the full version of UNPDF.

Overall, I was impressed with the product, but there are some tweaks that would improve it. For example, I noticed that when I imported larger files, the program would shut down unexpectedly, which was rather frustrating. It would be nice if there were more “eye candy” on the user interface. When a program has detailed buttons and animations, the user feels more at home and more relaxed, especially if they’re running it using a Windows operating system.

Another problem I had was the price. It is $59.95 for a single user license and $269.95 for a five pack license. That is a little high for my taste. The majority of customers are only going to want a single license, which in my opinion would be fairly priced at $29.95 for software that is relatively simple.

So, should you buy the product? Well, it does exactly what it promises to do, and it does the job well. The price is expensive, but it is really up to you as a customer to choose if Docudesk’s desk UNPDF is worth the price.