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Hi, I'm Matthew Smith, a freelance web designer and front-end developer based in Chicago. I've been designing and developing websites, mobile apps and other digital creations for over a decade - you can find out all about me here. I am also greatly interested in ePublishing and online Marketing. That's why I want to share my thoughts with you on this blog.
PDF flipbooks

Professional PDF to flipbook software for free

PDF to Flipbook Software

I’ve tried my best to make my own e-book and then self-publish, but I always end up hating how the e-book looks and functions. Lack of content isn’t a problem. I have volumes upon volumes of material in various parts of the writer’s process. Tomes upon tomes filled with nothing more than half-formed concepts and single word reminders that seem to have lost their meaning at this point. But when I put it all together into a completed story, it always seems like I get stuck on the design and functionality aspects. That was until I found

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Media Publishing

Free PDF flipbook creation – How I did it

Free PDF Flipbook

Digital documents can be a great basis for a marketing plan. I was stuck on finding a reliable service that could make a free PDF flipbook and then I discovered Yumpu.comI was incredibly impressed!

I definitely needed a tool in which I could turn my PDF documents into something more interesting looking and, more importantly, more accessible to a larger audience. I did not have a lot of money to work with and I still needed to be able to craft creative documents that truly marveled my audience. Even though I was disappointed with the other systems out there, I gave Yumpu a try and it was the best decision I made. This is really one of the most innovative programs you could ever hope to find. Do you want a really interesting insight into what you can produce on Yumpu? Here is a really novel idea.

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Media Publishing

The fastest PDF to Flash catalog conversion for free

PDF to Flash Catalog

Large PDF files can reduce the number of your online viewers, especially due to the fact that most browsers that use modile gadgets encounter challenges when they want to download the files and put them on view. However, when you use, you can comfortably and easily change the pdf to flash catalog and optimize them for the purpose of using across mobile and PC platforms. Moreover, your pdf to flash catalog files that have been converted will experience an extensive coverage on the major digital publishing channel that the web can provide.

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