A Guide to iWork Programming


Thank you for coming to iWork. iWork is the suite of iApps tools designed to improve user productivity.


The iWork suite is based largely on two tools: Keynote and Pages. For those who are unfamiliar with these programs, Keynote is a presentation software program, while Pages is a word processing program. Both Keynote and Pages work to help the user to have graphics applications in Mac OS X that are pleasing to the eye, versatile and easy to use. Pages provides users with scores of templates that can be used in many different ways to design pages. Keynote also provides a range of templates, charts and other useful graphics. Keynote also supports slide transitions similar to PowerPoint. Files created with Pages can be brought into Keynote, and vice-versa.

Who Can Benefit

For those who are looking to go beyond the standard formats that are available in Keynote, Apple’s XML format allows Keynote presentations to be changed to meet an endless number of needs. Apple also has designed into Pages the ability to customize documents in various ways to meet a user’s specific needs through file format. The various enhancements available for these programs puts users in control of the way that material is presented that is unlike anything seen before.


While both Page and Keynote come with various templates, settings and other user controls, the programs have almost endless potential. In fact, developers have some much access to the program settings of both Page and Keynote that they can use these programs to create new products by utilizing the XML schemas in iWork suite. The two programs can be used together to form unique docume