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3d Issue vs issuu – The best alternatives

3D Issue vs Issuu

If you’re here, you are probably trying to find the best Web publishing service. Both 3D Issue and Issuu are big names in Web publishing. They offer a slick set of features for anyone looking to publish PDFs online with good presentations and some extra tools for editing and spreading the content. But before you commit to a big, expensive subscription to one of these services, I suggest you look harder at a third service. It’s called Yumpu Publishing, and it has all of the features that either 3D Issue or Issuu offer as paid features for free.

The problem with those 2 platforms

During my 3d Issue vs issuu comparison, both platforms didn’t really manage to convince me. First of all, 3D Issue does not even have a free option. You need to commit to purchasing the software. At least Issuu has a subscription so you can decide if you want to continue using the service, as well as a free option to see what the software is like. 3D Issue asks for large payment upfront, and then you have a permanent license to the software.

The best alternative to 3d Issue vs issuu

I was in your same situation. I needed a Web publishing service that wouldn’t cost me too much but still had a lot of good features and a solid presentation so I looked up 3d Issue vs issuu. Both Issuu and 3D Issue scared me off with how much I would need to pay to get the really good features. A little more digging turned up Yumpu, which had everything I needed for free.

Embed every published document on your own website

One of the features that means the most to me is the ability to embed a published document on my own website. I really don’t like the idea of having my content offsite and filled with ads and suggestions for someone else’s content. It leads to readers wandering off to read something else, or just not returning to my site. 3D Issue lets me self-host, but at a huge expense. Similarly, Issuu has an embedding feature, but it requires a paid subscription. This PDF to flash catalog tool goes one step further- you can embed the published documents you make with Yumpu anywhere you want for free.

How this service works

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Here’s how it works. You take any PDF that you want to publish, then you just upload it to the service and get back an ePaper document. EPaper is a great format for reading. It looks like a real book, with double-sided pages that the reader can turn by clicking. It’s way better than a PDF or a slideshow for presenting content. This tool also lets you do some customization, too- that’s another feature that costs a lot of money through paid services like Issuu and 3D Issue.

Make your PDF interactive – Integrate media into your documents

You can add a lot of things to an ePaper document, like audio, video, or hyperlinks. You can make it interactive to create forms that readers can fill out. Some of these features aren’t even available through 3D Issue or Issuu- only has them, and they are free.

More features than 3d Issue or issuu – for free

That includes things like social media integration for easy sharing of published documents, or search engine indexing so that new readers can find your content through searches.
Other features include the fact that ePaper loads just fine on mobile devices and OSs. It also loads quickly in all browsers. Yumpu’s feature set is just really friendly towards the goal of bringing in as many readers as possible, no matter what device they are using to browse or how they stumble across your content.

Gain tons of new readers

You can reach people through social media, word of mouth or just regular browsing. This really expands the potential audience for your publications.
That’s why I decided to use Yumpu for my publishing, rather than a paid service.

3d Issue vs issuu conclusion

3D Issue and Issuu do have some good features, but they just can’t compete with the fact that this service can do all of the same things for free. Yumpu’s interface and tools are easy to use, and it doesn’t take long at all to make documents that look great. If you are in the same boat I was and in need of a Web publishing service, try it out. You might be impressed by how good it is, considering that it is a free service competing against paid ones. Don’t let the subscriptions fool you- more expensive does not mean better in this case.

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